Pro Health Imaging

Pro-Health Imaging is pleased to have locations in Toronto/GTA to  serve our patients.  We have are conveniently located in Toronto East, Central (North York), Downtown and Toronto. All of these locations have easy access to highways and parking.

Our Toronto/GTA clinics offers the following services:

Full Body Imaging
•Half Body Imaging
•Breast Thermography
•Region of Interest  (thyroid)

When using thermography as tool for diagnosing issues related to a particular region of interest (for example in the detection of thyroid problems), the thermograph can assist in the detection of heat and is able to detect if a nodule is cold or hot on the thyroid.

thyroidOur thermography in Toronto also known as DITI is performed by a registered nurse who also is a certified thermographer and certified via ACCT.  All images will be reviewed by an MD who specializes in Thermography. The patient will received a report and copy of the thermography images within 48 hours of their appointment.

To book your appointment, or for more information, please call: 905.599.0383, or email,