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Early Detection of Disease in Oakville

Pro-Health Imaging has been providing thermography services in Oakville, for the past 6 years.  We have been offering to Oakville & the surrounding area, pain free breast exams.  Oakville Naturopathic is located on Trafalgar & the Lakeshore area. Making it convenient to get to. Free parking is available.

Oakville offers the following Services:

• Full body imaging
• Half Body imaging
• Breast thermography
• Region of Interest  (thyroid)

The Infrared Thermography session is completed by a licensed RN, who is also ACCT certified. The images are then read by an MD. The patient will then receive a full written report from the Dr. as well as a copy of the images.

To book your pain free, radiation free, early detection of disease appointment, please call 905.599.0383, or email

New Study shows that women with the real facts about mammograms are more likely to opt out of the test.

Despite the pink campaign for early breast cancer detection, a recent Canadian study confirms that mammograms don’t save lives.

It’s true that breast screening campaigns find more cancer.  Since they were implemented in the UK, Europe, the U.S., Australia, and other countries, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by 2% to 10% per year.[i]  But finding all of those extra cases of breast cancer earlier hasn’t saved lives.

The 25-year Canadian National Breast Screening Study followed 89,835 women, aged 40 to 59, in a randomized controlled trial.  About half of the women were given annual mammograms and the other half just visited their doctor without receiving the test.

The researchers found that getting an annual mammogram does not reduce the mortality from breast cancer any more than getting a physical exam from a doctor.[ii] They also found that annual mammograms are not just useless, but can be seriously harmful.  The study results showed a significant risk of over-diagnosis and over-treatment. Over-diagnosis refers to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer that would not have presented clinically during a woman’s lifetime.

Overall, 22% of the women in the study – or 1 in every 424 women – were subjected to the trauma of a needless breast cancer diagnosis and unnecessary cancer treatments. The Canadian study confirms the results of an earlier American study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  It found that over a 30-year period more than 1.3 million women have been wrongly treated for breast cancer. However, most women will never hear this information from their doctors.  The majority of physicians still recommend an annual mammogram and some are very critical of these studies showing the downside of breast screenings.

What if more women were told about the risks of getting screened for breast cancer?  Would they still be as likely to participate in the great early detection scheme? According to a new study published in The Lancet the answer appears to be NO.[iii]  It found that becoming better informed about over-diagnosis meant women were less likely to choose to get a mammogram. The study involved 879 Australia women aged 48 to 50 years old.  They were randomly divided into two groups.  One group received a short booklet explaining the expected frequency of over-diagnosis, breast cancer mortality reduction, and false positives.  The information included the absolute numbers affected by over-diagnosis per 1000 women screened over 20 years from age 50. The control group received the same information but without the facts on over-diagnosis.

The researchers found that compared to the control group, when women received information about over-diagnosis, significantly fewer of them intended to get a mammogram.  Only 74% of women with the additional information intended to get screened compared to 87% of women who weren’t told about the risks of over-detection.