Pro Health Imaging

Thermography in Mississauga

Pro-Health Imaging images in Mississauga conveniently located on City Centre Drive, across from Square One Shopping Centre.  We have been doing breast, full body and half body screening at this location for the past 5 years.

We currently offer the following thermography services in Mississauga:

•Full Body Imaging
•Half Body Imaging
•Breast thermography
•Region of Interest (example thyroid)

Prevent Heart Disease & Stroke

Thermography has clinically valuable applications as an early warning indicator of heart disease, notable atherosclerosis.  Plaque can be seen before a heart attack or stroke, occurs.  A thermal image shows us areas of diminished energy & blood flow.

Thermography in Mississauga is performed by an RN who is also a certified thermographer associated with ACCT.  The images are then interpreted by an MD who writes a complete report regarding the findings. This along with the images will be given to you. All of the services we provide are done with no radiation.

To book your thermography appointment, call 905.599.0383 or email