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Thermography in Etobicoke

Pro-Health Imaging is pleased to provide thermography in Etobicoke. This location is conveniently located across the street from the Royal York subway station.  Easily assessable for everyone, as well as ample parking with Green P nearby. This location offers you the comfort of a Kingsway home with a gas fireplace in the waiting room.

In Etobicoke Pro-Health Imaging offers the following services.

• Full Body thermography imaging
• Half Body imaging
• Breast thermography
• Region of Interest

In addition to the above medical thermography procedures, thermography is also extremely in helping to identify dental issues which can include

• Screening for dental infection  & inflammation
• Unexplained dental pain
• Root canals
• Monitoring  for low grade infection
• Periodontal disease
• Gingivitis
• Bacterial  infection
• Local dental infection
• Non healing abscess

Dental Thermography

Each thermography service we provide in Etobicoke, is done by an RN who is a certified thermographer with ACCT.  You will be provided with a full written report from an MD as well as all of your images.

To book an appointment for thermography in Etobicoke, please call 905.599.0383, or email,

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