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What does Thermography offer for Evaluation of Pain?


Thermography is the only method currently available for visualizing your pain, anywhere in the body. Whether your pain is Acute or Chronic, DITI can help you and your healthcare worker see your pain.

Types of Pain

Breast Thermograph

Healthy breast tissue is seen as symmetrical without signs of inflammation or increased blood flow.

Breast Thermograph - Needs further investigation

Breast on left showing signs of inflammation (seen by the two red areas above the nipple). Image warrants further investigation and monitoring. Note the breast on the right has no red area which is considered as normal.

Male Thermogram

This thermogram shows a man who is having back pain with increased radiation of heat along the spine and the shoulder blade.

Varicose Veins Thermogram

Thermography shows varicose veins sometimes not visible on the surface of the skin. Thermography detects areas of increased blood flow and areas of inflammation which show as areas of white (hottest) and red.

Head/Neck Thermogram

Thermogram showing the right side of a person’s head and neck. Note red areas on the side that highlight the possibility of underlying carotid artery inflammation and need for further investigation.


Arthritis & Inflammation

Early detection of arthritis can allow your Dr. to address & prevent the root cause of joint damage, deformity, & disability that often comes with arthritis. Arthritic joints have increased temperature which show up on thermal images.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can be caused from a variety of causes. Exercise, accidents, falls, birth. With the use of thermography the Dr’s can determine the root cause of the pain.


An individual suffering from TMJ syndrome may experience jaw clicking or noises, headaches, neck pain, a pain or sensation of fullness in the ear, tinnuitus, and difficulty or pain while chewing or opening the mouth.  Thermography can assess these disorders.


Fibromyalgia is a fairly common disorder with a multitude of symptoms that can include body-wide aches & pains, muscle tenderness, sleep pattern disruptions, headaches, & fatigue. With the use of Thermography we can see the inflammation, pain.

Skin Cancer

Malignancies require an extensive network of blood vessels to support their growth. The increase vascularity produces a high degree of heat, which Thermography can detect.


Early Stroke Detection with the use of Thermography which can identify inflammatory patterns, abnormalities, or areas of constriction.