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Here is what some of our patients are saying about Pro-Health Imaging and the Thermography process.


In November. I had some tenderness on my lower jaw area. I had my face imaged and a line of redness showed. I Went to the dentist with my images, he did x-rays which actually showed nothing. Thankfully, he followed the soreness in my jaw to a tooth. We decided to remove a filling to see if there was something going on underneath. Sure enough there was slight decay, which he cleaned up. I then had my faced imaged 3 days later, redness  was all gone and no more pain.


Thermography showed in color, that there was an issue, while x-ray showed nothing.

Thermography for dental pain, yes.

Oakville, Ontario

After an extended period of time of feeling extremely fatigued, and going through unanswered blood work through my doctor, I decided to turn to thermography to find some answers. Thermography detected lymphatic congestion, kidney and adrenal dysfunction. Through Pro-Health Imaging’s network, they were able to connect me with practitioners who were best suited to treat me. I redid the imaging within 2 months and can see and FEEL the difference. My lymphatic congestion is nearly gone, my kidney and adrenal function is improving and my energy is coming back!

Toronto, Ontario

November, 2015

Thermography is taking preventative care to a new level.
It not only has the ability to scan and monitor breast health, it is also an invaluable tool for measuring inflammation in the body, especially related to the dental area. I began using thermography several years ago after a cancer diagnosis and have been scanning ever since.

Markham, Ontario

In July 2012 I had a half body thermal imaging done. In addition to revealing gingivitis and muscle stress along my spine, the results showed substantial inflammation of both carotid arteries. This was attributed to plaque buildup which eventually could lead to stroke.

Several months prior to the July scan I started taking the cardiovascular supplement “Cardioflex” which has been proven to not only reduce cholesterol levels but also removed arterial plaque build up. In March of 2013 I had another half body imaging done, and the results showed that the “bilateral carotid artery activity had significantly diminished. I was thrilled with not only the results of this supplement but also the ability of the thermal imaging to detect the amount of plaque in my arteries.

Toronto, Ontario

A few years ago I had a thermal image session. The results showed possible sinus problems resulting from an upper tooth inflammation. I was advised to contact a Dentist for a professional opinion in regards to a tooth infection.

Dentist Steve Malo ex-rayed my face and agreed. He did preliminary work and forwarded me to a specialist who performed surgery on my upper right eye tooth. After months of procedures including an implant, I am finally in better health. This means less pain, no headaches, no medications and ultimately a much healthier me.

This is a plain and simple endorsement of detection of a problem and a positive ending.  IDENTIFICATION , RECOMMENDATION , AND SOLUTION without continued medication or physical aggravation

ENDORSEMENT for THERMAL IMAGING as A non invasive procedure. YES.

Simcoe, Ontario

Having heard about thermography for so many years and being curious, I found that I was also a bit afraid of having it done. Not afraid of the procedure as thermography has to be one of the easiest imaging tests I have ever had done. I was more afraid of what the results would show me. I had for many years refused to listen to my body, and then my body started a “work to rule campaign”. Having had many health challenges over the last few years, at the end of 2012, I was faced with one that I did not see coming. After a CT Scan for another issue, the doctor found a thyroid nodule. Of course now I was faced with more imaging and a biopsy. I was very hesitant to do the biopsy and wanted to try a different route. I finally gave in to my curiosity and fear and scheduled an appointment to have a thermography scan of my thyroid. I was impressed with the detailed history taking and how comfortable I was made to feel.

My questions were answered in a professional and compassionate manner. The actual thermography scan was the easiest medical procedure I have ever undertaken. The next day I had the printed results. Results that affirmed the need to have “ongoing clinical evaluation and monitoring”. Having had such a positive thermography experience with Lynn, I will never hesitate to do more imaging and am strongly considering doing a full body scan after I finish dealing with my thyroid.

Toronto, Ontario

I have had experience with both thermograghy and mammograms . Mammograms are invasive and painful and involve exposure to radiation. The results seem to belong to the Doctors as opposed to belonging to me. On 2 occasions I had to run around to different clinics ordering my mammogram records which were locked up like a vault.

My first experience with thermography was 3 years ago with a company downtown (parking issues!). It was painless and there is no exposure to radiation, However,
I had to take my clothes off and stand in a bright cold room and put my hands in cold water to expel the heat from my body., slightly awkward and uncomfortable. Although It was almost a month before I got the results, I preferred thermography to mammograms.

Then I was referred to Pro Health.
Pro Health is mobile so it is available at several different locations on different days.
I made my appointment online, which is easy for a procrastinator like myself (I didn’t have to phone during office hours!)
It was close to home and I was in and out in 20 minutes.
The room was small , warm and intimate and I did not have to put my hands in cold water.
I chose to do my entire upper body because there was little difference in the price between breasts and upper body.
I connected with the technician instantly who was well qualified, fun and easy to be with.
I had the results emailed to me within 24 hours. The images are read by a Doctor who reads both Thermograghs and mammograms. The results were in both picture form and a written form. The pictures show a fascinating view of the temperature zones in my body. Heat is an indication of possible problem areas.
The results were extensive, easy to understand, and helpful
Having the results provides myself and any medical caregivers with a baseline to compare any future changes in my breast health and upper body.

The other service offered by Pro Health is a “next appointment” reminder via email….It is all so easy
When I returned the second time It was even easier than the first because I was familiar with the technician and the quick procedure.
I highly recommend this method of detecting inner health. It takes the MYSTERY out of wondering if there is anything brewing that I should know about.

Toronto, Ontario