Pro-Health Imaging offers our patients a complete range of thermography imaging services to help assist in the diagnosis of treatment of a wide range of illnesses and medical issues from inflammation and irritation to pain and disease.

With over many years of experience in the medical industry our team of professionals is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable in the use of thermography and its numerous applications.

What is Thermography?
The use of a Digital Infrared Imaging is based on the metabolic activity and vascular circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing disease is almost always higher than in normal tissue.

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Thermography Services
Utilizing the latest thermography equipment, Pro-Health imaging can help with the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions. Get in-depth information about the various services we offer to our patients.

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We operate from over 14 modern and conveniently located clinics across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding area. Find the Pro-Health Imaging Thermography location in your neighbourhood and get imaged today.

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